• Increase in teacher salary due to inflation.
    • Establishing an internet connection at the school.
    • Donating a video projector to be used for teaching.
    • Donation of computers for the computer science class.


    • The new school buildings will be finished, and all classes will be taught there.
    • The teachers will get a pay raise due to inflation.


    • The new school buildings are expected to be done by next year.
    • The new principal is instated.
    • Election for the schoolboard.

    • Through a sponsorship from JICA (, we are starting to rebuild the school buildings on the old playground.
    • Classes are still being taught in the temporary shelters.


    • Due to the earthquake, all plans are paused so the school can be rebuilt and the classes can start again ASAP in the temporary shelters.

    • Built another building with 2 classrooms, in order to collapse the top floor in the old building, and put a new roof on the already existing bottom floor.
    • Further, we wish to hire an addition teacher in order to avoid that the current teachers should work overtime.
    • Further, we wish to hire an addition teacher, in order to avoid that the current teachers should work overtime.
    • We also would like to match the 10% increase in salary which the government normally provide for teachers.


    • Buy a piece of land, for construction of new building.
    • A new building (minimum two rooms) to replace the  top floor of the old building.
    • Buying new furniture to replace the old worn-out.
    • Increasing the salary of the teachers to match the general inflation in Nepal.

    • Stabilize the teacher salary to ensure that the school has a solid foundation.
    • A new building instead of the old worn-out main building.
    • The construction of toilets.


    • We upgraded the school to include 8th grade. However we still needed to provide a teacher and building for the 8th grade.
    • Build a toilet at the school.
    • Buy land to build on in the furture.
    • One of the teachers’ big wishes is to have access to a computer.

    • We upgraded the school to include class seven.
    • The students moved into the new classrooms.
    • We hired Purna as a teacher.
    • We constructed a road to the playground.


    • We upgraded the school to include class six.
    • We hired Kamala who teaches class six.
    • We build a new building (with support from the Nepali Government).